Boris Elkis was born in Moscow, Russia. Recognized at a very young age as having exceptional talent, he was one of the few to be accepted into Moscow’s finest Gnesin’s Private School of Music for specially gifted students. He later studied at Moscow’s Russian Music Academy. With his works gathering critical acclaim, Boris became recognized as one of the most talented young composers of his generation in Russia. In 2001, Boris was accepted into ASCAP’s prestigious Film Scoring Workshop in Los Angeles.

In 2003, Boris’ music was noticed by prominent composer Graeme Revell, who asked him to take on music programming duties. This led to collaboration on a number of projects, including Riddick, Street Kings, Aeon Flux, and Freddy vs. Jason, as well as the best-selling video game Call of Duty II. Boris' work with Graeme Revell provided him with invaluable experience, field training, and perspective that very few composers are fortunate to receive.

In 2009, Boris scored the David’s Twohy (Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick director) film A Perfect Getaway. This intense phycological thriller required over 70 minutes of orchestral score.

In the field of television, Boris’s music contributed to the success of hit shows including Survivor and Fear Factor, among others. In 2011 Boris collaborated with Gareme Revell on a dramatic tv show "The River" produced by Steven Spielberg,

Boris has been establishing himself as a composer who possesses the rare ability to perfectly blend orchestral music with a variety of other forms (electronica, rock, ethnic, etc.,) to create a cutting edge, fresh and dynamic sound.