What Critics are saying about "A Perfect Getaway" score.


Laura Taylor, Film.com

"What is it that prevents Twohy's A Perfect Getaway from falling against well-used thriller clichés and becoming no more than another I Know What You Did Last Summer? is Twohy works with composer Boris Elkis to create an emotional score. Elkis picks up on the spine-tingling moments of doubt and suspense, but also creates a sense of awe as you pore over the Hawaiian backdrop, without it becoming overpowering."

Oscar Flores, Filmmusicsite.com

For A Perfect Getaway, Elkis supplies a well-written score that is effective and functional both inside and outside the film. By abstaining from creating obvious and predictable musical arrangements that could have destroyed the plot twist, Elkis admirably executes his duty as a film composer. Overall, Boris Elkis provides a solid score, effective at keeping the narrative disguised and equally crucial to the development of the film. In the end, Boris Elkis’ inclination for developing appropriate musical motifs within a suspenseful undertone makes this a commendable effort by the young composer.

Andrew Robertson, Eyeforfilm.co.uk

"Shot in Hawaii, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, it's visually stunning, the HD wedding video of Cliff and Cydney neatly cut into the opening of the film, the score featuring the Prague Philharmonic and no small measure of island sounds keeping pace as it segues from gentle romance into suspense and beyond."

Christian Clemmensen, Filmtracks.com

One aspect of the music for A Perfect Getaway that deserves some discussion in relation to the plot involves Elkis' decision not to try to fool the audience with the tone of his initial cues. There is significant disillusionment early in the work, including a "Wedding" cue that should raise a red flag immediately in its reservation, and only for a brief respite in "The Island" will listeners be relieved from the immediate pressure of the suspense environment. In other words, Elkis doesn't make an attempt to misdirect the viewer with any sense of genuine happiness in his score.

Pauline Adamek, Artsbeatla.com

Russian-born composer Boris Elkis was granted the opportunity to create a musical score that was complex and mysterious, one that evolves, transforms and takes the viewer on an emotional journey. The resulting composition is a masterful mixture of different styles, and is a modern and powerful score with a strong melodic underpinning.

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